Trane Heat Pumps

Trane logoNot many people know that heat pumps can help them keep their home at the perfect temperature for less. They’re like an air conditioner that can also heat your home once the weather cools down. Many models also help you control your home’s humidity in summer so your energy dollar goes further.

They’re not just for warm climates. In a cold areas like Ottawa, just have your Trane gas furnace set to take over on those really cold days. You’ll still get more efficient heating from your heat pump until then.

The key is to get a professional to help you choose the parts of your heating/cooling system, including your heat pump.

Why? Different homes have different sizes, shapes, sun exposures and insulation quality. Different people care about different aspects of heating and cooling. With the help of a trained heating expert who takes measurements, does the heat loss/gain calculations and learns about any preferences you have, you can make sure that you get the right system, and are happy with it for years to come.

With our friendly, no-pressure service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can’t go wrong! Just ask for your free quote to get started.

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Trane Heat Pump Model Comparison

Trane heat pumpIn the table below, you can compare the Trane heat pumps that we usually recommend for our customers. Each model comes in multiple sizes to match different home sizes; when you’re ready to get more details you can talk to your Ottawa Home Services comfort expert.

Trane products have a reputation for trouble-free and reliable performance in climates like ours. These heat pumps are built to stay outdoors, and have special anti-rust coatings to help ensure long life.

Model XR15 XL15i XL16i Xl20i
Cooling Efficiency  Up to 16 SEER  Up to 16.25 SEER Up to 17 SEER  Up to 19 SEER
Heating Efficiency  Up to 9.5 HSPF  Up to 9.7 HSPF  Up to 9.6 HSPF  Up to 10 HSPF
Energy Star Qualified  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Compressor Operation  Single-stage  Single-stage  Single-stage Even more
Heating Operation  Single-stage  Single-stage  Single-stage Even more
Comfortlink II Compatible  Yes
Quiet Performance  Yes  Yes  Yes
friendly R-410A
 Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Manufacturer’s Warranty 10-year limited on compressor,
10-year limited on outdoor coil,
10-year limited on internal functional parts
 12-year limited (compressor),
10-year limited on outdoor coil,
10-year limited internal functional parts
 12-year limited (compressor),
10-year limited on outdoor coil,
10-year limited internal functional parts
 12-year limited (compressor),
10-year limited on outdoor coil,
10-year limited internal
functional parts
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More Information About Heat Pumps

Here are descriptions of some of the terms we’ve used in the table above.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

SEER is a measure of how efficient your heat pump is when it’s cooling your home in summer. The more efficient it is, the more money you save on electricity. If efficiency is your priority, look for the highest possible number.

HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

The HSPF rating tells you how efficient your heat pump is when it’s heating your house. Get a heat pump with the highest number you can afford.

Comfortlink II

Trane’s Comfortlink is a wi-fi thermostat and complete heating, cooling and air quality system control. It monitors outdoor conditions and ensures your indoor air system runs as efficiently as possible. It also provides reminders about filters and maintenance. Comfortlink II compatible units are designed to run as efficiently as possible together.

Popular Mechanics named the Comfortlink II as one of “The Year’s Most Transformative Products,” and gave it their 2010 Breakthrough Award.

R-410A Refrigerant

R-410A is known under many brand names (like Carrier’s “Puron”). It does not give off any chemicals that deplete our ozone layer. Since its use began in 1996, it has been used safely and effectively in millions of homes. It is the most environmentally-friendly of all refrigerants, and is non-flammable and non-corrosive. R-4120A performs extremely well in cooling systems, including in the high-pressure conditions inside heat pumps

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When buying a heat pump there’s a lot to consider. Let the comfort consultants of Ottawa Home Services provide the benefit of their expertise when you’re making your decision. Our quotes are free and stay valid for 30 days – giving you plenty of time to weigh the options.

As a local company, Ottawa Home Services has built a reputation for friendly, old-fashioned service. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you will be happy with any heating or cooling system you purchase from us – or we’ll work to make it right.

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