Crazy Christmas Socks Campaign a Huge Success!

We did it Ottawa! We’re proud to announce that together we raised over $4,000 during the Crazy Christmas Sock campaign in 2014. This donation to Make-A-Wish® Eastern Ontario will help a lot of kids facing tough medical conditions live their biggest dreams.

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SAVE up to $650 with the Ottawa Power Authority HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE Did you know? As much as 60% of your home’s energy use goes towards heating and cooling. That’s why it makes sense to consider the energy-efficiency of your furnace and central air conditioner. Consider switching to an energy-efficient furnace and central air conditioner […] Read More

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Just Another Part of Your Routine

There are certain routines that are as common as having a cup of coffee in the morning. (Or, if you prefer, a big glass of orange juice or pop of choice.) When that’s your routine, you don’t keep deciding every day whether that’s how you’ll start your morning. You just keep doing it. That’s how we’d […] Read More

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Planning Ahead for Your Next Furnace

Hope you’ll take this thought with the optimism with which it is presented: “Nothing lasts forever.” There are lots of reasons why that’s a good thing. For example, do you really want to be placing your mobile calls on a phone the size of a man’s shoe (some seemed that large)?  Do you want to […] Read More