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Trane logoTrane furnaces are known worldwide for robust performance and incredible reliability. That’s why Ottawa Home Services chooses to offer these models to our customers time and time again. In fact, they go through extra testing to make sure they can handle Ottawa’s climate.

We offer a great selection of energy-efficient Trane natural gas furnaces. To make sure you get the perfect model for your home and your needs, ask a friendly Ottawa Home Services representative to help you. It’s free and there’s no obligation to buy.

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Our Trane Furnace Model Comparison Chart

Trane furnaceIf you’re considering a Trane furnace for your home, one of the models below will definitely meet your needs. Trane does a very good job of providing a spectrum of furnaces that range from more cost-conscious to the ultra energy efficient.

Check the table below to learn the main features and benefits of each model. Where possible, we have linked the brochure, which contains more details, especially when it comes to thermostats. Consult with an Ottawa Home Services representative to ensure you get the full details of the features, benefits and appropriateness for your home and efficiency priorities.

Model XT95 Furnace XR95 Furnace XV95 Furnace XC95M Furnace
AFUE Up to 95% Up to 95% Up to 97% Up to 97.3%
Energy Star Qualified Yes Yes Yes
Gas Burner 1-Stage 1-Stage 2-Stage Modulating
Multi-Speed Blower Fan Motor Yes Yes Yes
Two Heat Exchangers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Variable-Speed Draft Inducer Yes Yes Yes
Quiet Cabinet Very Very Very, Very Exceptionally
Manufacturer’s Warranty Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger (with registration).10-year limited warranty on functional parts if registered within 60 days. Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger (with registration).10-year limited warranty on functional parts if registered within 60 days. Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger (with registration).10-year limited warranty on functional parts if registered within 60 days. Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger (with registration).10-year limited warranty on functional parts if registered within 60 days.
Brochure  Download the Brochure Download the Brochure Download the Brochure Download the Brochure

Explanation of Furnace Feature Benefits

How AFUE Benefits You

If you’ve been wondering about the term “AFUE”, it means “annual fuel utilization efficiency rating”. This is an efficiency rating of furnaces based on the percentage of fuel that is converted into heat your home can use. A furnace rated at 97% AFUE, for example, converts 97 percent of the natural gas into heat that comes out your air registers.

Energy Star productsThe Energy Star program has different minimum requirements, depending on the climate in which the furnace needs to perform. This is because a furnace works more and works harder in colder climates. A furnace must have a 95% AFUE rating or more to be considered Energy Star qualified in the northern United States and Canada. In the 70’s, it was common to find furnaces with AFUE ratings at about 55-56%. These days, 80% AFUE is the minimum.

The AFUE rating is only accurate at the point the heated air leaves the furnace and enters your air ducts. Having poorly sealed or very dusty air ducts can reduce the benefits of a high-efficiency furnace. The quality of insulation in your home is also important to consider; poor insulation will mean you’re still losing heat, no matter how efficient your furnace.

Single-Stage vs Multi-Stage Heating

One of the biggest factors in choosing a furnace is whether it has single or multi-stage heating. Multi-stage furnaces, especially variable (aka modulating) furnaces are much more efficient. While they cost more, you can recoup the costs over time in energy savings. If you’re staying in your home long-term, a variable stage furnace is a great choice for Ottawa’s cold climate. If your budget is tight and low up-front cost is important, then single-stage may make sense for you.

What is a Single-Stage Furnace?

Single-stage heating means that the main gas supply valve for your furnace is either on at full blast or completely off. To keep the temperature inside your home constant, it has to cycle on and off more often. This uses more fuel, and means there is a wider temperature variation inside your home.

What is a Multi-Stage Furnace?

The gas valve on a multi-stage furnace can open to different levels aside from the basic on and off positions. This means the furnace can use the right amount of fuel for the work it needs to do, and no more. This is a more efficient use of fuel, because it doesn’t have to work harder to overcome a larger temperature drop.

Multi-stage heating is more comfortable, as the temperature is much more constant.

Multi stage furnaces come in 2-stage and variable (or modulating) stage models. The variable models are even more efficient than 2-stage furnaces, as they work a little bit all the time, and don’t have to overcome larger temperature drops.

Get Help from the Heating Professionals

Getting the right furnace is about more than choosing the cheapest one or the most efficient one. A furnace needs to be the correct size for the square footage of your home.

Furnaces come in different sizes, and one that’s too small won’t heat your home properly when the temperature really drops. While it would be simpler to just buy the biggest furnace available, bigger is not always better. A furnace that’s too large will be constantly turning on and off, using more fuel than necessary.

The job of an Ottawa Home Services heating consultant is to make sure you get the right furnace, not the biggest or most expensive. He or she will visit your home and find out about your needs. They will also take the time to perform the Manual J HVAC calculations based on your home’s square footage, insulation quality, and natural temperature variations.

The end result? You’ll get a furnace that will perform at maximum efficiency for many years to come.

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