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Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside?

You want your air conditioner unit to operate reliably, especially during the warm summer months. If there is an issue with your air conditioning system, you might be able to detect it early if you are on the lookout for some key warning signs.

Ac Is Leaking Water Outside

If your air conditioner is leaking water outside, it typically indicates a problem with your system that requires attention. This article looks at possible reasons why your air conditioner might be leaking water outside.

What Leaks in Front of Your Outside Air Conditioner?

If you notice liquid puddling in front of your outdoor air conditioning system, the first step is determining what kind of liquid is leaking. In most cases, the puddling is water.

However, the puddle can also be refrigerant, coolant from your outdoor air conditioning unit. The refrigerant in an older air conditioner is R-22 or Freon, and the refrigerant in a modern AC unit is R-410A or Puron. The refrigerant evaporates quickly and is less likely to form a puddle than water.

If the liquid is greasy or emits a subtle, sweet odour, your system likely has a refrigerant leak, and you need to stay away from the area to prevent exposure. Call our repair team at Ottawa Home Services as soon as possible to schedule a repair.

Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

A functioning air conditioner can emit condensation runoff. However, if you notice a large puddle, your air conditioner is leaking water. Below are the most common causes of a leaking air conditioner.

Condensate Drain Line Damage or Blockage

One reason outside air conditioners leak water is due to a damaged or blocked drain line. Condensation is a product of your AC unit’s cooling process. The evaporator coils drip the water into a collection drain pan, from where it flows out of your home through a condensation line. If debris builds up in this condensation drain pipe, it can form a blockage, and the water will overflow next to your air conditioner unit.

A crack in the condensate drain line can also cause water to puddle around your AC unit. You can easily clear a blockage from your drain line, but if the pipe has a crack, you need to replace it. Check out our buyer’s guide to air conditioners to help you decide on the best AC system for your home.

Drip Pan Damage or Clog

The drip pan collecting the water from the evaporator coil can crack, causing the water to leak before flowing down the condensate drain line.

The buildup of debris or moss can also block the entrance to the drain lines, causing the drip pan to overflow. Inspect your drip pan and clean it thoroughly if you notice water puddling.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Low refrigerant levels or weak air flow due to dirty filters can cause the evaporator coils to freeze. When the ice that builds up around the coils melts, the condensate drain line might be too small to accommodate the increase in water runoff. To resolve this issue, replace your dirty air filter, or call us to check your refrigerant levels and schedule an AC maintenance service.

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Air Conditioner Leak Water Repairs: Contact Ottawa Home Services

At Ottawa Home Services, we are a leading heating and cooling company providing Nepean AC unit installation, maintenance, and air conditioner repair services. Is your air conditioner leaking water outside or do you notice another issue with your air conditioning system? Contact us at 613-604-4777 or request a quote online for AC repair.

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