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Energy Efficient Home Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Energy Efficient Home Heating and Air Conditioning SystemsDid you know as much as 60% of your annual electricity costs goes towards heating and cooling your home?

It makes sense to look for ways to reduce your usage. A more efficient furnace or central air conditioning unit offers improved reliability, warranty protection and energy efficiency. In addition, it is less harmful to the environment because the refrigerant in newer units does not deplete the ozone.

Not to mention, you could save up to $325 a year in energy costs when you install eligible ENERGY STAR® qualified heating and cooling systems. With the Enbridge natural gas rate hike approved for Ottawa your home heating bills could nearly double this winter.

Don’t wait to get more information on upgrading your cooling or heating systems. With our new furnace rent-to-own program one monthly payment could save you $$$ this winter not to mention keeping your home and family cozy and warm.

Learn how to:

Save up to $650 on energy efficient upgrades

Rent-to-Own a new Furnace or Air Conditioner

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