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Get your Central Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Don’t wait until it’s 30 degrees in Ottawa—make sure your air conditioner is ready today to deliver maximum performance and energy efficiency all summer long.

Whether it’s simple tasks you perform yourself or a more in-depth tune-up carried out by the heating and cooling professionals at Ottawa Home Services, the importance of maintaining your central air conditioning system can’t be ignored.


Keep your air conditioner clean

The free flow of air is vital to the performance of your air conditioner. When debris collects on certain parts of your air conditioner, it can increase your energy costs and shorten the life of your home cooling system. Before starting up your AC for the season, removing any dust or dirt from the coils—whether they’re indoor or outdoor—will greatly improve its efficiency and performance. You can easily do this yourself using a vacuum cleaner or water hose; just be sure not to put any pressure on the exterior coils or to use any corrosive chemicals.


Have your air conditioner inspected

To really know that your air conditioning system is operating correctly and as efficiently as possible, it’s recommended you have a heating and cooling technician conduct a thorough cleaning, inspection and tune-up.

An annual inspection not only ensures your air conditioner is functioning at the highest possible level but also reduces the chances you’ll need costly emergency repairs down the road by addressing small issues before they become serious (and expensive).


Ottawa Home Services protection plans

With an Ottawa Home Services protection plan, you can receive a precision tune-up and detailed inspection report for as little as $9.99 per month. You’ll also receive 24-hour priority emergency service and up to a 25% discount on repairs. With experience servicing all brands of heating and cooling systems, we’ll ensure your central air conditioner continues to operate safely and efficiently—at a price that works for you.

Learn more about our air conditioner maintenance and protection plans.

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