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New Safety Code for Residential Natural Draft Boilers

HRAI Member

TSSA’s Boilers and Pressure Vessels (BPV) Safety Program regulates all pressure-retaining components manufactured or used in Ontario  to ensure boilers, pressure vessels and piping systems conform to the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000 and applicable regulations, codes and standards.  TSSA is involved in all aspects of the life cycle of pressure vessels: from design, […]

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The Energy Wise Shopping List

Energy Star products

Often many of us do not really know how to control or reduce our utility bills. There are a number of factors that can affect your energy bill, including the size of your home or apartment, the efficiency of major appliances (e.g. refrigerator, water heater or air conditioner), and whether your home is sealed and […]

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Ottawa Ductless Air Conditioning

Get a Ductless Air Conditioner Also known as a mini-split system Can’t sleep due to those sweltering hot nights? Looking for an alternative to central air conditioning? Now there is relief. Discover our ductless air conditioning systems, ideal for homes currently heated with hot water or electrical baseboards. Ductless air conditioning is perfect for sun rooms, […]

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How to Save on Costly A/C Repairs

Keep Cool with a Central Air Conditioner

Ottawa! Now is the time to have your central air conditioners professionally inspected and tuned before the beginning of the cooling season in order to avoid trouble and costly a/c repairs. Follow these tips and keep cool all summer: 1. Have your air conditioner checked annually by a licensed professional working for a reputable insured company. 2. Protect […]

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What to Consider when Selecting a New Boiler

Boilers have come a long way in the last few years with the addition of condensing boilers which are up to 98% efficient.  This means that 98 cents of every dollar spent on heating the home is actually used to heat the home as opposed to older boilers which average between 60% and 80% efficient. […]

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How Easy is it to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

With Ottawa Home Services it is very easy to make the switch to a tankless water heater!  Stop running out of hot water, throw out the family shower schedule and relax with an efficient and reliable on demand hot water system. In order to convert from traditional to tankless water heater you should: Ensure natural gas or […]

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Summer Benefits of Home Protection Plans

Did you know your air conditioner should be cleaned and inspected once per year? With an Ottawa Home Services protection plan, you can receive a precision tune-up and detailed inspection report to ensure your home stays cool this summer. With a protection plan you get: Priority service.  While there are some emergency alternatives to heat such as portable […]

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Get your Central Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Don’t wait until it’s 30 degrees in Ottawa—make sure your air conditioner is ready today to deliver maximum performance and energy efficiency all summer long. Whether it’s simple tasks you perform yourself or a more in-depth tune-up carried out by the heating and cooling professionals at Ottawa Home Services, the importance of maintaining your central […]

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