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What Should You Do About A Furnace Leaking Water?

Furnace Leaking Water

If you’ve just noticed that your furnace is leaking water, your first question is going to be “Why?” You may never have heard of a gas furnace leaking water, so you naturally wonder what’s causing it.

The next question is even more important: “What should I do to stop the leakage?” Left unrepaired, the leak can cause serious water damage. It’s also a warning sign that you may need Ottawa Furnace Repair. After all, you count on a properly functioning furnace to keep you cozy during our cold winter months.

So let’s start with what to do.

What To Do About A Furnace Leaking Water

1. Turn The Furnace Off

Sorry to tell you, but you’ll have to switch your furnace off temporarily. This will keep everyone safe from electrical shock in case moisture gets into the furnace’s circuit. Here’s how:

  • Set your thermostat on “OFF.”
  • Flip the furnace switch to “OFF”.
  • Switch off the breaker for your furnace (located in your electrical panel).

2. Call Ottawa Home Services To Repair Your Furnace

Good for you – you’ve controlled the problem safely. The next step is to get professional furnace repair as quickly as possible. Just contact Ottawa Home Services. We’re here for you 24/7!

3. Clean Up That Leakage

Now you know help is on the way, take a few minutes to clean up the mess so it won’t harm your furnace – or your basement floor. A mop or a wet-dry vacuum will get rid of all that water. CAUTION: The electric current to your furnace must be shut off before you do this.

Reasons For A Furnace Leaking Water

Why would a furnace start leaking water in the first place? There are several possible reasons, depending on whether you own a high efficiency furnace (with an AFUE rating over 90%) or a conventional model.

1. Non-Functional Condensate Line (High Efficiency)

A high-efficiency furnace will produce condensation as part of its heat exchange process. This liquid is normally channelled away by the condensate line and the drain trap, but sometimes the line stops functioning due to a clog or a pinhole. That’s when the condensed liquid can end up leaking out of your furnace.

2. Condensate Pump Problem (High Efficiency)

Connected to the condensate line is a pump that pushes the condensed liquid through the system. Occasionally this pump breaks down, resulting in water leakage from the furnace.

3. Another Component (High Efficiency And Conventional)

Don’t rule out the possibility that the leakage is not actually coming from your furnace. The source might be another component of the heating and cooling system. Have your HVAC tech inspect your whole-house humidifier and your air conditioner, as well as the furnace.

Last Thing: Change The Filter

After your repair person has taken care of the problem, you have just one thing left to do. Change the furnace filter, because a damp filter won’t do its job effectively. Phew! Finally, you can turn the furnace back on and relax with a nice hot coffee.

Get Your Heat Going Again – Fast

Contact Ottawa Home Services for fast expert repair – or replacement if it’s time to get a new, more efficient furnace.


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