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Hydronic heating uses hot water to heat your home. The water is heated in a boiler, and then runs through radiators, special baseboards, or even piping in your floor (known as radiant floor heating). Hydronic heating can be used in homes and even in driveways to melt snow.

Our Hydronic Heating Services

Bosch BoilerOttawa Home Services provides complete hydronic heating services:

  • Boiler repair – including 24/7 emergency repairs. We’re fast, professional, and we even clean up after the work is done.
  • Boiler maintenance/tune ups.
  • Boiler installation.
  • PEX piping installation in homes.
  • PEX piping installation under driveways and walkways.

We know hydronic heating and can provide answers to any questions you have.

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Boiler and Radiant Heating Installation

Whether you need a new boiler or combi-boiler for your existing hydronic system or are considering adding a new hydronic heating system, Ottawa Home Services can help. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll get the right system for your home. (read our reviews)

Learn about which is the best heating system: boilers or furnaces.

  1. Hydronic heating has a number of advantages over forced air:
  2. Excellent energy efficiency, especially with radiant floor heating. Boilers use the same natural gas that a regular furnace uses, it just uses the resulting heat better.
  3. More even heat, because heat rises from the floor. Most people consider radiant floor heating a must for keeping ceramic tile floors warm.
  4. Doesn’t dry out your air.
  5. Doesn’t blow dust and allergens around.
  6. Space saving: no ductwork.
  7. Space saving in your utility area: a “combi” system can heat your home and your regular water supply too.
  8. Quieter than forced air.

Installation Services You Can Trust

Since 1983 we’ve been helping homeowners decide which boiler and hydronic system is right for them. As a local Ottawa company, we’ve earned a reputation for honest business practices and friendly service. We are accredited with the following organizations:

From quoting to installation, we do it right. After all, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to uphold.

Free Quotes – With No Pressure

Part of the reason we’re able to provide our guarantee is that we do our homework right from the beginning. When our comfort consultant visits your home, they do a detailed assessment of your home size, insulation quality, warm/cold areas and then do the heat gain/loss calculations needed to arrive at a system size recommendation.

They also take the time to find out about your priorities and goals. It all adds up to a recommendation we know we can stand behind 100%.

Best of all, once you have your quote, the price stays valid for 30 days. That’s plenty of time to make a decision that you’re comfortable with long term.

Ready to get started?

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Our Boiler Brands

We only carry boilers that have been time-tested and proven to be reliable. Here are the brands that we know provide outstanding value:

Boiler Brands Logos Colour

You can visit each page to learn more about the models we recommend to our customers most often.

You’ll Be Amazed at How Smoothly Installation Day Goes

To paraphrase a famous TV show character, “we love it when a plan comes together”. Making that happen takes planning and communication:

  1. We send you photos/bios of your installation team so you know who to expect.
  2. We make sure we know how your home is laid out, and how to get your new equipment into the utility area of your home.
  3. We protect your home with tarps, and clean up the work area when we’re done.
  4. We make sure you know how to use your new system.
  5. We call you a day or two after the install to make sure everything is working perfectly.
  6. If you ever have any questions, you can call us for answers.

Naturally, your installers are licensed professionals who have the experience and expertise to get it done right. We hire friendly people who enjoy helping customers get to know their new systems

We Aim to Earn Your Business

We’re proud of the work we do, and we want to be the first name you say when friends and family ask for a recommendation. We also want to make sure you’re so happy that when you need other services we provide, you wouldn’t consider anyone else.

That’s why we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you’re not happy with your new system, we’ll do what it takes to ensure it meets your expectations.

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