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Carrier Furnaces

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Carrier LogoCarrier furnaces are installed in over 170 countries around the world, so it’s fair to say we’re not the only ones who consider them a highly reliable brand. We love Carrier furnaces because they are designed with the most advanced technology and deliver comfort and efficiency year after year.

Not every home is the same, for that reason Carrier furnaces come in a variety of models and sizes to suit various home sizes and budgets. Regardless of your choice, they all contain great modern energy-efficiency features that are worth buying in a cold climate like Ottawa’s.

When you meet with an Ottawa Home Services comfort consultant, they will perform a ‘heat loss, heat gain’ calculation and complete a ‘comfort concerns questionnaire’ to ensure that you get the right furnace size for your home, and recommend the right efficiency features for your budget.

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Our Carrier Furnace Models

Carrier Furnace

While we can get other Carrier models on request, we find this selection covers most of our customers’ requirements. Each model comes in multiple sizes to suit different home sizes.

The table below outlines the main highlights of each model. Please check the brochure (linked below) and consult your friendly Ottawa Home Services representative to find out the full benefits of each model, especially the premium 59MN7.

Model 59TP6 Furnace 59TN6 Furnace 59MN7 Furnace
AFUE Up to 96.5% Up to 96.7% Up to 97.4%
Energy Star Qualified Yes Yes Yes
Gas Burner 2-Stage 2-stage Modulating
Blower Fan Motor DC Variable-speed blower DC Variable speed blower DC Variable speed blower
Quiet Cabinet Exceptionally Very, Very Exceptionally
Wi-Fi Compatible* Yes Yes
Good for homes with
cold basements in the winter**
Yes Yes
Good for homes with warm 2nd
floors in the summer***
Yes Yes
Helps improve Humidity**** Yes Yes
Works well with any brand of AC Yes Yes Yes
Manufacturer’s Warranty 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty if registered within 90 days. 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty if registered within 90 days. 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty if registered within 90 days.
Brochure Download the Brochure Download the Brochure Download the Brochure

* When used with Infinity Wi-Fi control.
** Subject to ductwork.
*** Subject to ductwork.
**** Must use whole home humidifier.

Explanation of Furnace Features and Benefits

What Does “AFUE” Mean?

Energy Star productsAFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. This is the percentage of the fuel that is converted into heated air for your home, as opposed to being wasted by going up the flue. For example, a furnace with a 96% AFUE converts 96 cents of every dollar you spend into usable warm air that is sent into your air ducts.

A few decades ago, an AFUE rating in the low 50’s was common. In these energy-conscious times, you should not be able to find a new furnace lower than 80% AFUE. In order to earn an Energy Star rating, a furnace must have an AFUE of 95% or better in colder climates like the northern US and Canada.

In order to take as much advantage of a high-efficiency furnace as possible, you should ensure that your air ducts are clean and well sealed, and that your home is well insulated.

Single-Stage vs Multi-Stage

Carrier knows that for some customers, lower up-front cost is important. For others, long-term energy savings and comfort are the priority. That’s why they provide a range of models to suit both needs.

Single-Stage Heat

A single-stage furnace has a gas valve that is either on or off, heating your air or not. When it’s on, it can only go full-blast. This is great for the coldest days, but when it’s just 0 degrees or slightly lower, it’s more than you need. Single-stage furnaces will create greater swings in temperature inside your home.

Multi-Stage Heat

A multi-stage furnace has a gas valve that can open to different degrees, not just on or off. When it’s open part way, it is using less fuel. This allows the right amount of heating to occur for those days when you definitely need heat, but it’s not desperately cold. Multi-stage heating is not only more efficient, but it heats your home more evenly, avoiding irritating temperature swings.

You can get either a 2-stage furnace or, even better, a modulating furnace that adapts itself more precisely.

If you’re staying in your home long-term, Ottawa Home Services recommends a furnace with multi-stage heat.

Have the Professionals Help You With Your Selection

Choosing the right furnace is about more than picking energy-efficiency features. You need to make sure that the furnace is right-sized for your home. Contrary to popular wisdom, more is not always better: a furnace that is too large will continuously cycle on and off in an inefficient way. A furnace that’s too small will just not keep your home warm on those really cold days.

When you request a quote from Ottawa Home Services, we send a professional home comfort consultant to your home to take measurements, investigate insulation quality, and perform heat loss/gain calculations according to the Manual J HVAC Residential Load Calculation system. You’ll get the best furnace for your home, your comfort and your budget.

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