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Furnace Installation

Our Furnace Installations are Guaranteed

100 Percent Satisfaction GuaranteedReady to stay warm and cozy all winter long with a new, energy efficient furnace? If you want to make sure you buy the right furnace for your home, talk to the friendly heating experts at Ottawa Home Services. You’ll get just what you need (no more, no less) and you’ll be impressed by our competitive prices

Best of all, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you run into any problems, we’ll repair your new furnace for free. If you run into repeated problems, we’ll replace your furnace with another system of comparable value. If all else fails and you are still not satisfied, we will refund your money.

We stand behind our products and our work – absolutely guaranteed. To get started, just ask for a free estimate.

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Your Home is Unique. So Are Your Heating Needs.

Our customers often tell us that they love the peace of mind they get from our guarantee. We’re often asked how we can make this offer.

The answer is simple: we take the time to make sure you get the right furnace in the first place.

It all starts when one of our friendly heating consultant visits your home. We’ll discuss the best heating options, whether to install a furnace vs. a boiler. We take measurements and do an in-depth assessment of your home’s insulation quality and unique natural heating and humidity variations. This gives us what we need to do detailed heat loss/gain calculations. Our heating consultants make sure they offer the right size of furnace, because a furnace that is too large is almost as bad as one that is too small (a furnace that’s too powerful will cycle on and off more often, and will not only wear out sooner but will waste energy too).

As every home is unique, so is every family. Some families are on a tight budget, which makes upfront cost a priority. Others want long-term savings that a more energy-efficient furnace will bring. Lots of people may have concerns like noise level or more exacting standards when it comes to temperature variations.

Once we know what you want and what your house needs, we offer our recommendations for your new furnace. Our 30-day price guarantee means there is no pressure to buy right away – you have a full month to make your decision.

Brands We Know and Trust

Part of making sure you get the right furnace is offering brands with proven reliability for the tough Ottawa climate. We carry a wide range of Carrier and Lennox furnaces that includes different features and energy efficiency levels, so there’s something for every budget:

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Our Certifications

Ottawa Home Services is certified or accredited with the following watchdog or independent standards organizations:

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You can also check out feedback from real customers on the independent home services site HomeStars and on our Google+ page.

Our Price Quotes Tell you Everything – Up Front

There’s no guesswork with the price quotes from Ottawa Home Services, or surprise fees added on later. We not only break down the quote into as much detail as possible, we make sure we include everything in advance. Your quote will include:

  • All of the main components you need to have a working furnace up and running, with their costs.
  • All the work required to install your new furnace.
  • Any permits we need to purchase to ensure everything is up to code.
  • What’s included in terms removing and disposal of your old furnace.
  • Everything about the warranties on parts and labour.
  • We put our guarantee in writing.
  • We also provide information about any available rebates or deals.

Our quotes contain the full details, but if you still have any questions our consultants would be happy to provide full details.

Your Smooth Installation Process

When you’re ready to begin your furnace installation, we review the process with you in advance so you know exactly what to expect on the big day. You’ll receive a step-by-step breakdown of how an installation needs to progress, as well as photos and bios of your installation technicians. Here is a little bit more about what you’ll learn.

We Only Send Technicians You Can Trust

Our fully licensed and certified technicians are experienced members of the Ottawa Home Services Team. It’s important that your furnace is installed right if you’re going to get the longest possible life from your furnace, so it’s critical that our technicians really know what they’re doing. We only hire career technicians who we are proud to see in our uniform. It goes without saying that professionalism and friendliness are a must as well as technical expertise. After all, it’s your home.

On installation day, if any questions arise, your technicians will happily answer them. They can also provide proof of license and certifications on request.

We Arrive On Schedule

Our installation team will arrive at the agreed time, because we know no one like waiting around, especially if you need to take time away from work and other commitments in order to greet the technicians.

We Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your home clean begins with protecting any areas we work in or travel through with drop cloths. As we work, we keep the mess under control. We also make sure that once the work is done we tidy up the area and remove any parts or old units. Anything that can be recycled is sent to the appropriate facility.

We Call Afterwards To Make Sure Everything’s OK

Once your installation is complete, we follow up with a phone call to make sure everything is satisfactory and any new questions are answered. We often pass on thanks and praise to the members of the installation team!

You’ll Love Your Ottawa Home Services Experience – Guaranteed.

A lot of work goes into our 100% satisfaction guarantee – and we offer it to you with confidence. We will do what it takes to make sure your equipment performs as expected – or your money back.

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