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Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

Noritz Tankless Water HeatersNoritz tankless water heaters are one of the quickest and easiest ways to replace your existing water tank heater. They require very little maintenance, and Noritz provides one of the best tankless water heater warranties in the industry.

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Noritz Tankless Water HeaterWhy Buy a Noritz?

Some of the reasons to consider buying a Noritz Tankless Water Heater include:

  • Industry-leading .97 EF rating exceeds Energy Star Standards.
  • Dual stainless steel heat exchanger provides better resistance to corrosion and buildup.
  • Wi-Fi remote access allows you to control the heater functions and get diagnostic and maintenance reminders.
  • Innovative design with water connections on the top allows more flexibility for installation.
  • Only high-quality parts are used (Noritz owns all aspects of manufacturing).
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty* (ask for full details).
  • Compact design provides flexibility with installation.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Model Specifications

Here are some of the key specifications for the Noritz models we carry. Please consult with one of our Tankless Water Heater experts to ensure you’re getting the right model for your home.


Model EZ-98 EZ-111
Efficiency .96 UEF .96 UEF
Energy Star Qualified  Yes Yes
Gas Input 18,000 – 180,000 BTU/hour 19,900 – 199,900 BTU/hour
Flow Rate Up to 9.8 GPM Up to 11.1 GPM
NOx Emissions Very low: ≤ 14 PPM Very low: ≤ 14 PPM
Rent $42.05/month $44.39/month
Price $4,094 + HST $4,245 + HST

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Technical Terms Used in the Chart Above

UEF or Uniform Energy Factor

This is a new metric for determining the energy efficiency of a water heater. The highest numbers are better (and lower your energy bill).

Flow Rate

How much hot water can be produced in gallons per minute and litres per minute. This will depend on the desired temperature.


This stands for two compounds: nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide. While they are natural products of combustion, they must be safely vented. As they are also pollutants, Navien tries to keep NOx emissions to a minimum to comply with Canada’s reduction strategy. They are measured in PPM or parts per million.

Tankless Water Heaters Are Right for You

Checkmark in a circleYou’ll find you love tankless water heaters if:

  1. You’re frequently running out of hot water.
  2. You’re not home during the day and/or travel a lot for work, and don’t want to pay for heat you’re not using.
  3. You’re planning to stay in your home for many years. You’ll be able to enjoy the energy efficiency savings, especially once they cover the initial cost of the water heater.
  4. You have a small home, and want to save space that a water tank would fill.

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  • Our expert installers are fully licensed and certified. They’re friendly too! They’ll answer any questions that you may have, and they’ll even clean up the area before they go.

We work hard to make sure you’re going to be happy with your water heater. We even provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if your water heater doesn’t perform as expected, we’ll return and fix it. If needed, we’ll even replace it with a comparable model.

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