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Gas Furnace Rental Program

There’s a better way to rent a gas furnace in Ottawa

Keeping warm during our cold Ottawa winters is a must—but if prices are sending shivers down your spine, our budget-friendly furnace rental program could be the answer. Ottawa Home Services provides a wide range of high-efficiency gas furnaces for rent, with all kinds of options for different homes and climate control needs. Best of all, our clear-cut program offers great buyout options, low monthly payments, and no minimum rental period.

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Why rent your gas furnace from us?

When we began our rental program, we wanted to make sure it was truly customer-friendly. We know that people are looking for affordability, flexibility, and convenience. But most importantly, we know you want contracts that are easy to understand!

That’s why our contracts clearly spell out all the terms and conditions, without burying you in legalese. There is full transparency so you can confirm there are no surprises or extra hidden fees.

Here’s what else you get with Ottawa Home Services rental programs:

  • Easy monthly payments from only $52
  • No minimum term—if you want to buy out, you can do so at any time
  • Guaranteed cost increase cap—annual fees will never increase at a rate beyond the CPI (consumer price index)
  • No down payments or other upfront costs—installation of your rental furnace is included
  • Simple preauthorized payments via bank or credit card
  • No middlemen – you rent directly from Ottawa Home Services
  • No other service plans are needed—your semi-annual maintenance check is included in your rental agreement for as long as it lasts
  • Choose from dependable furnace brands like Lennox and Carrier, with a great variety of efficiency levels and climate control options
  • Free heating consultation in your home—we’ll review all the options that make sense for your needs so you can make an informed choice
  • No hassles or pressure—take up to 30 days to think about the contract for renting your system

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Furnace Rental FAQ

Here are a few questions we often get about our program.

1. Can I really pay off my furnace whenever I want?

Absolutely! There is no minimum term for the rental program. When you’re ready to buy out, just let us know. The buyout price will depend on the furnace model you choose and how long you have left. The formula used to find your buyout price is clearly written in the initial rental agreement that you review and sign. There are no surprise fees of any kind.

2. What if my furnace needs a repair? Does that cost extra?

No— we cover that for you. The semi-annual maintenance checks are also included in your program, and those help ensure everything works the way it should. (Maintenance also helps keep your furnace running at top efficiency, which means lower gas bills.) As long as you’re renting from us, it’s all included.

3. What if I sell my home?

You have a couple of options. If you want to transfer the program to the new owner you can— most people already do this with water heater rentals. You can also buy out your furnace rental, since a fully owned furnace can be a plus for home buyers. The choice is up to you!


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