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Moovair Heat Pumps

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Backed by 70 years of HVAC experience, Moovair was developed with the harsh Canadian climate in mind. We created reliable, energy-efficient products that take care of the environment as well as your comfort and peace of mind because your home is at the heart of your well-being.

Moovair brings you a complete line of products to meet the most demanding heating and cooling comfort needs in any home. These high performance, high-efficiency units offer an elegant design and customizable comfort.

Each Moovair unit is selected according to the strictest criteria of reliability, performance, and efficiency, and each model has the highest manufacturing quality thanks to state-of-the-art technology and top industry standards.

The professionals at Ottawa Home Services are trustworthy, licensed, and ready to serve you. Rely on us for your heat pump installation, plus we’ll answer all your questions and get you the right home heating solution.

With our friendly, no-pressure service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can’t go wrong! Just ask for your free quote to get started.

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How Do Moovair Heat Pumps Work?

how does a moovair heat pump work

A heat pump is an HVAC unit that heats or cools by moving heat. These systems work by drawing heat from various sources like the air around them, geothermal energy from the ground, or nearby water sources.

Once the heat is captured, it’s intensified and directed to where it’s needed, whether that’s inside a building or another application. Essentially, they take existing heat from the environment and make it available for use in a more concentrated form.

During the winter, a heat pump draws heat from outdoor air and circulates it through your home’s air ducts.

In the summer, it reverses the process, and removes heat from your house and releases it outdoors.

Our Moovair Heat Pump Models

Central-Moov Heat Pump

Multi-Moov Ductless Multizone Heat Pumps

Ideal for large homes, Moovair multizone systems allow for independent control of up to five indoor zones from a single outdoor unit. Versatile and functional, a Multi-Moov system is designed to provide customizable comfort for every room in your home, and can limit temperature fluctuations and reduce energy consumption for your entire house.

Moovair multizone systems have established themselves in the market because of their superior performance ensuring energy savings without compromising comfort.

  • BTUs from 9,000-48,000
  • Up to 23 SEER
  • Performance heating down to -25ºC / -30ºC
  • Unit styles include wall-mounted, ductable, ceiling cassettes and floor consoles
  • Ideal for homes without ductwork

Central-Moov Matched Coil Add-on Heat Pumps

Moovair products are designed by Canadians for the Canadian winter with your comfort and well-being in mind. A Central Moov heat pump system maintains the serenity of your home by keeping you cozy all year round in whisper-quiet, energy efficient comfort and reliability.

Central-Moov’s compact, side discharge condenser is up to 40% smaller than traditional heat pumps. The smaller units offer greater flexibility for installation and a more aesthetically pleasing finished look. The indoor unit accepts the factory optional electric resistance heat banks ranging in sizes from 5 to 25 kilowatts depending on the model.

  • BTUs from 18,000-36,000
  • Up to 16.82 SEER
  • Performance heating down to -30ºC when combined with an electric air handler

Why Choose Ottawa Home Services?

What sets Ottawa Home Services apart?

We offer the same premium products and services as the larger Ottawa heating and cooling industry contractors—but for everything they do, we deliver with a higher level of personal service and at more affordable prices.

And while some HVAC companies also sell natural gas or electricity, we focus solely on home heating and cooling—and have become dedicated experts in this area.

Unlike the bigger Ottawa heating and cooling companies, we’re 100 percent local—and our doors are always open.

As a local company, Ottawa Home Services has built a reputation for friendly, old-fashioned service. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you will be happy with any heating or cooling system you purchase from us – or we’ll work to make it right.

Get in touch with us to find out the benefits of an energy-efficient Moovair heat pump – you’ll be glad you did.

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