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Sanuvox Air Purifiers

sanuvoxWhile many of us invest in air filters, even the best filter can only trap microbes, not kill them. Using the power of sunlight, Sanuvox air purifiers actually kills biological contaminants like pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. They also react with and neutralize cigarette smoke particles and other gasses.

A Canadian company, Sanuvox products have been tested and verified by the US Department of Homeland Security, Penn State University and the EPA. A McGill University study, published in the Lancet, showed that 99% of microbes were destroyed and a 40% reduction in the respiratory symptoms that people were experiencing. A Sanuvox air purifier can be an incredibly effective part of your indoor air quality system.

Ottawa Home Services are experts when it comes to designing indoor air quality systems. We take many different factors into account in order to ensure you’ll get a system that really works for your home size/configuration, your needs, and your budget. We’re proud to offer you our 100% satisfaction guarantee: if your new system doesn’t work as promised we’ll fix or replace it for free.

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How Do Sanuvox Purifiers Work?

Indoor air can actually be 2 – 5 times more polluted than outdoor air (source: EPA). The main reason is that our homes are so well insulated they can keep pollutants trapped indoors, continuously recirculating through our air ducts. The other reason is the sun: its powerful ultra violet (UV) rays kill off exposed bacteria, spores and viruses, and break down many key chemical pollutants. In the shelter of our homes, these invisible irritants thrive.

How ultraviolet light kills germs and oxidizes chemicals

That’s why Sanuvox air purifiers are so effective. They use powerful concentrations of ultraviolet light to destroy lung irritants that can lead to allergy attacks, asthma attacks, colds, flu, and mould and fungus infestations.

There are two particular wavelengths of light that are most effective. The UV-C light kills any microbes: bacteria, spores, and viruses. It even kills endotoxins, poisonous substances that are released when the cell walls of some bacteria are destroyed.

The UV-V light creates activated oxygen atoms that react to the chemicals found in cigarette smoke, VOCs, diesel fumes, formaldehyde, many solvents, and other gasses in cooking and bathroom odours.

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Sanuvox Air Purifiers

There are two families of purifiers: those designed to treat air, and those designed to protect heating equipment.

Air Sterilization

These air purifiers all work on the air coming out of your heating or cooling unit and into your air ducts. They all are designed to destroy bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and odours/gasses.

Sanuvox air purifiers

  • Maximum UV intensity with J-shaped bulb and aluminum reflection chamber.
  • Maximum exposure time to UV lamp with turbulence-making fan.

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Model R+ Air Purifier S300FX-GX HEPA / UV Sterilization Air Purifier P900GX Portable UV Sterilization Air Purifier
Home Size Up to 4,000 sq. ft. Various Up to 900 sq. ft.
LCD Display Yes
HEPA Filter 200 / 300 CFM*
2-speed blower
Blower Basic PSC motor High efficiency  ECM multi-speed motor DC Variable speed blower
Maintenance Low maintenance – just replace the UV lamp every 3 years. Low maintenance – just replace the UV lamp every 3 years. Low maintenance – just replace the UV lamp every 3 years.
Warranty 3-year warranty (including UV lamp). 3-year warranty (including UV lamp). 3-year warranty (including UV lamp).

*CFM = cubic feet per minute.

Coil Sterilization

Furnaces, heat pumps and the indoor units of air conditioners all have evaporator coils, also known as indoor coils. Their job is to transfer heat, but if they get dirty they don’t work well. Sterilizing your coil can lead to more efficient long term performance and fewer repair bills.

Sanuvox coil sterilization purifiers

These coil sterilizers are designed to prevent bacterial and mould growth.

Model SABER 24 VOLT Air Purifier SABER GENIUS 24/110V Air Purifier
Lamp Size 16” 16”
LCD Display Yes
Maintenance Replace lamp every year. Replace lamp every year.
Warranty 5 year warranty on ballast
1 year warranty on UV Lamp
1 year warranty including UV lamp.
More Information Download Brochure Download Brochure


Replacement Filters

furnace filters replacement cartridgesWe carry replacement filters and cartridges for all brands of furnace, air cleaner or humidifier – including Sanuvox.

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