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Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?


As the warmer months approach, you may find that your central air conditioner isn’t cooling as much as it did last summer, or worse — it’s blowing warm air.

Knowing why your air conditioner is not cooling will help you care for your system, save money on your cooling bills, and know when it’s time to call in the Ottawa Home Services pros.

Here are a number of common reasons why your air conditioner isn’t cooling the way it should, and details on whether you replace or repair your AC.

1. Your Thermostat is on Heat Mode

First and foremost, it’s important to check if your thermostat is on heat mode. Perhaps you’ve got some busy little hands at home, or accidentally switched the setting yourself. It happens!

Either way, this is an easy fix. Just readjust to your desired temperature, and you’re good to go.

2. Dirty Filter

When your air conditioner filter gets dirty and clogged, it can block the flow of air and make your system less efficient. Your air conditioner can freeze up if not attended.

Fortunately, this is another easy fix. Be sure to change your filter on a monthly basis to keep your air conditioner working its best.

3. Dirty Evaporator Coils

You may find that your air conditioner is not cooling the way it should due to dirty evaporator coils.

Not only can a dirty evaporator coil cause your air conditioner to malfunction and run constantly, it also means it’s using more energy than necessary, driving up the cost of keeping your home comfortable.

Dirty coils are a job for the pros. Once the coils are clean, regular A/C tune-ups will keep them that way.

4. Low Refrigerant

Your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to operate properly, and it always has the right amount of refrigerant – unless there’s a leak.

If you notice your air conditioner not cooling your home properly, take a look for signs of leak, like icy buildup or hissing noises.

If you even have the tiniest suspicion that you have a leak in your air conditioner, turn it off and get in touch with us.

5. Broken or Disconnected Ducts

Your problem may also be as simple as a broken or disconnected duct.

Your machine’s ductwork is responsible for distributing cool air throughout your home, and damage can result in poor distribution or low efficiency.

6. Outdoor Unit Needs Maintenance

Lastly, your air conditioner may not be working correctly due to problems with your outdoor unit, which gets dirty fast.

That’s where you’ll find condenser coils essential to your machine’s functionality. These can be kept clean and working with regular tune-ups for your air conditioner.

Ottawa Home Services Can Help You Stay Cool and Save Money This Summer

At the end of the day, you want your air conditioner working at maximum efficiency, and Ottawa Home Services is here to make that happen.

Whether it’s a simple tune up or repair you need, we provide round-the-clock services to keep you cool in Ottawa’s summer sun.

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