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6 Reasons Why You Need To Install An Air Purifier In Your Ottawa Home

6 Reasons You Need an Air Purifier Now

Living in Ottawa, we tend to shut up our home half the year to keep the cold air outside in the winter, and the cool (air-conditioned) air inside in summer. The unfortunate side effect is that you’re potentially shutting in pollutants.

But is installing an air purifier actually going to help?

Our answer is short and sweet. Yes, an air purifier will improve your indoor air quality. We consider air purification an absolute necessity if one or more of the scenarios below apply to you.

6 Situations Where You Need To Install An Air Purifier

You Have A Build-up Of Dust And Debris

There are many reasons your home may be full of dust and debris,and most have nothing to do with your standard of housekeeping. Home renovations or repairs, living next to a dirt or gravel road, an active family that tracks in dirt, dust, and grit from outdoors, and even a clogged HVAC filter can be responsible. Poor air circulation is yet another culprit, lack of movement in the air will allow more dust to settle.

Fortunately, an air purifier will filter out these particles for cleaner air and a cleaner home.

Bad Odours Inside Your Home

If your house has a bad odour that lingers unpleasantly, it could be due to kitchen or bathroom ventilation issues. Another potential source is VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are often given off by synthetic carpet or upholstery (especially when they’re new), wall paint, aerosols, and even — gulp! — air fresheners. However, you’ll keep your home smelling fresh and welcoming when you install an air purifier.

Someone In Your Home Smokes

Love the smoker, but hate the smoke. No doubt about it, stale cigarette smoke stinks. That’s not to mention the well-known health risks associated with exposure to secondhand smoke. Simply opening a window or airing out a room will not help, but air purifier installation will.

You Live With Pets

Even pets that don’t shed their fur (or don’t have fur at all, like birds), will continually slough off tiny flakes of skin, known as dander. Dander can be a serious trigger for allergic reactions, or asthma, unless you have an air purifier to filter out these irritants. PS Humans have dander too, yet another great reason to install an air purification system.

You Have Sleeping Issues

You won’t be able to get a good, sound night’s sleep if you can’t breathe properly,or if you’re constantly jolted awake by attacks of sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, or allergic reactions. Sleep apnea is a night-time breathing problem that will leave you exhausted. In all these cases, an air purifier will help get rid of airborne contaminants, paving the way to a peaceful night.

Live On A Street With Lots Of Pollution

You may be among the Ottawa residents who live on a street with lots of pollution. A University of Toronto study shows that heavy traffic, especially truck traffic, is a major source of pollutants, including black carbon, nitrogen and extra-fine particles, which can pose serious health risks. The right air purifier will help mitigate these risks.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Simply put, Air Purifier + Dirty Air = Clean Air.

In more complex terms, air purifiers work to sanitize your indoor air by using various technologies to remove airborne particles, such as pollutants and allergens. Removal of these contaminants means that you and your family will be inhaling cleaner, healthier air.

For the most energy-efficient air purifiers, buy correctly sized units with a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and EnergyStar certification.

Air Purifier vs. Air Filtration

An air filter is a fine mesh that traps contaminants. It could be a standalone appliance or a component of an air purification system. In addition to a filter, an air purifier (also commonly called an “air cleaner”) might use activated carbon, ionization, or UV sterilization to enhance the process. Air purifiers not only trap harmful particles and gases, they also kill them.

Types Of Air Purifiers

Here are several types of air purifiers that we recommend to customers looking to improve their indoor air quality. We handle sales, installation, and service for all these brands.


The Carrier company specializes in high-quality, effective air quality solutions. Their Carrier Infinity® Air Purifier, a whole-home system with installation on or near your HVAC air handler, combines ionization with a pleated MERV filter (rated 15 for high filter efficiency) to capture and deactivate particles such as dust, germs, pollen, and viruses (including coronavirus).


vänEE produces quality fresh air systems in North America. The vänEE 3.2 HEPA Air Filter is an excellent whole-home air cleaning system with a unique twist. The air purifier is equipped with its very own blower motor, so it does not contribute in the slightest to pressure drops or wear and tear on your furnace.

Lennox Healthy Climate – Pure Air

A Lennox whole-house air purifier uses powerful ultraviolet ray technology to capture and neutralize mould spores, pollen, cigarette smoke, bacteria, and viruses. It will literally sterilize the air in your home.

Breathe Cleaner, Feel Better

Ottawa Home Services cares about improving your indoor air quality almost as much as you do. That’s why we have solutions that work. Talk to us about the right air purifier installation to clean and refresh the air inside your home.