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Ottawa Home Services is the home comfort expert Stittsville depends on. For installation, service and maintenance of furnaces, air conditioning, boilers and water heaters, turn to our fully licensed technicians.

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HVAC Repair & Installation in Stittsville

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Stittsville is a charming area of Ottawa that still retains a friendly village feel. The residents take great pride in bringing their community together, with tons of active service clubs for people of all ages.

Whether you live in Amberwood, Timbermere, or Forest Run, your Ontario house has heating and cooling needs. You rely upon these HVAC systems for reliable comfort year-round. Occasionally, your heating or air conditioning systems needs some maintenance. For heating and cooling services such as furnace or boiler repair, Stittsville residents turn to Ottawa Home Services.

Stittsville HVAC Services

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Furnace Repair & Installation

When winter hits Stittsville, and the temperatures drop, there’s nothing more important than your home’s heating system. Whether you need a new furnace installed, furnace maintenance, furnace repair, or a smart thermostat, the technicians at Ottawa Home Services take the time to understand your heating needs and budget. When it is time for a new furnace, we install major brands, like Lennox and Carrier, that are guaranteed to provide you with reliable warmth and comfort all season long.

And, if your heating system isn’t working correctly, call us. We can fix any make or model service quickly and efficiently, even when it’s an emergency. We provide emergency gas furnace service and repairs any time you need it—including weekends and holidays.

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Providing optimal comfort is our top priority, so when the temperatures rise outside, we’ll keep your home cool inside. If you’re in need of air conditioner repair, Stittsville residents turn to Ottawa Home Services for complete air conditioning services, including AC installation and AC repair of all makes and models of central air conditioners and ductless cooling systems.

We know that the right cooling equipment is not just important for comfort; it can also save you hundreds of dollars each year on your utility bills. We’ll assess your property, taking into consideration square footage, insulation, humid zones, and other factors to determine the most efficient air conditioning system for your home. Whether you require a new installation or air conditioner repair, we’ll quickly get your system up and running. And, as always, our work is 100% guaranteed.

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Ottawa Homes Services is proud to offer heat pump installation and maintenance to our Stittsville neighbours. Heat pumps are an extremely eco-friendly source of heating and cooling. Air-source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air (even when it is cold outside) and transfer that heat into your home. Then, heat pumps cool your home during the summertime, operating much like an air conditioner does. In addition to being clean and convenient, they’re also very quiet.

If you’d like more information about heat pumps or would like to install this alternative means of heating and cooling your home, speak to one of our heat pump experts today.

Water Heater Installation & Repair

Usually, hot water heaters are happily ignored—that is, until they stop working properly. If you no longer have hot water or your tank is leaking, call Ottawa Home Services. We provide water heater repairs and installations in Stittsville and throughout the Ottawa area.

We service, install and maintain all types of hot water units, from highly efficient tankless water heaters to standard hot water tanks. To learn more about the pros and cons of each type, we offer no-pressure in-home water heater consultations and free estimates.

Air Quality Installation & Repair

We know air quality is important to Stittsville families. Fortunately, many affordable yet very effective options can significantly improve your indoor air quality. From air filters to improved ventilation and air purifiers to humidifiers, we’ll help you find the right air quality solution for your home and family.

About Ottawa Home Services in Stittsville

We at Ottawa Home Services are your local heating and cooling specialists, providing professional HVAC services to Stittsville and throughout the greater Ottawa area. We offer the same premium products that big HVAC contractors do but with the personalized customer service and affordable rates that our residential customers deserve.

We put you and your home comfort first. Tough sales pitches are not part of our business model, so you never have to worry about hidden fees. Instead, we aim to help you save money in the long run by installing the best HVAC equipment available and keeping it in top shape.

We’re fully licensed, fully insured and hold ourselves to the highest technical standards. Some of our many certifications and accreditations include:

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