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What Is The Best Winter Thermostat Setting?

Best Temperature In Ottawa Winter

What’s the ideal temperature for your thermostat in winter? That’s a complicated furnace question and the best answer should take two factors into account. First, you want a thermostat setting that will be energy-efficient and money-saving. Second, you do not want to freeze during our long cold Ottawa winter months.

Fair enough. So while you prepare your furnace for winter, let’s find the ideal temperature for your thermostat, one that balances both important needs.

What’s The Best Minimum Temperature For Your Thermostat In Winter?

You may be tempted to shut your heating off completely when you’re not home, or not using a particular room. But please don’t. If the indoor temperature drops too low, your plumbing pipes are likely to freeze – with messy and expensive consequences. Plus, it’ll be much harder for your furnace to bring your house up to a comfortable temperature once you return.

Instead, set your thermostat at 17° to 19° minimum. This is the best temperature for when you leave the house or go to sleep. (And keep a stack of nice warm blankets on hand.)

What’s The Best Thermostat Temperature For Comfort During The Day?

When you’re at home and awake during the day and evening, set your thermostat somewhere between 20° and 22°. Obviously, the lower setting will save more energy … but you don’t want to sacrifice your family’s comfort, especially if your household includes small children or elderly people.

Just be sure not to keep your thermostat at one unchanging temperature throughout the winter. Adjusting it carefully will help achieve that balance we talked about, between energy efficiency and home comfort.

A Programmable Thermostat Helps You Choose The Right Indoor Temperature

Programmable thermostats are an energy saver’s best friend. When you install and use these gadgets correctly, it’s simple to achieve the right temperature. Simply program your thermostat to lower your home temperature 2 to 3 degrees while you are out of the house, and bring it back up to your preferred setting shortly before you return.

Use the same method to bring the indoor temp down at bedtime, and raise it again just before you get up.

You’ll be pleased at the results. Your programmable thermostat can save you 15 percent or more on your heating costs. That’s a nice amount of cash. (PS: A programmable thermostat can also cut your air conditioning costs in summer.)

How To Maximize Your Home Heating System

So we’ve seen what a handy tool your thermostat is. Now that you’ve got started reducing your utility bills, try these simple home winterizing tips to save even more energy and cash:

1. Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

Make sure that your home is well insulated to prevent that nice warm air from your heating system from seeping out into the great outdoors. Besides insulating, take care to seal up cracks in your ductwork and exterior walls.

2. Keep Your Vents Clear

Check your heating vents to make sure they’re not blocked by bulky furniture or drapes. The goal is a smooth airflow, so you can enjoy your home heating instead of letting it go to waste.

3. Take Care Of Your Furnace

A well-maintained furnace is a happy one, which will show its appreciation in the form of increased heating efficiency. Regular professional furnace tune-ups are an investment that will pay off in energy savings – and a longer life for your furnace.

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