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Get a Ductless Air Conditioner
Also known as a mini-split system

Ottawa Ductless Air ConditioningCan’t sleep due to those sweltering hot nights? Looking for an alternative to central air conditioning?
Now there is relief.

Discover our ductless air conditioning systems, ideal for homes currently heated with hot water or electrical baseboards. Ductless air conditioning is perfect for sun rooms, lofts or anywhere else. Ottawa Home Services introduces a new level of comfort with the stylish ductless heating and cooling units. Beautifully designed to complement any decor, these remarkable units are highly advanced, designed and built to operate quietly and to deliver outstanding energy efficiency -whether it is for the whole house or for individual rooms. Each room can be separately monitored and controlled while minimizing energy consumption.

Go Ductless.
It’s no sweat.

Imagine not having to move a window unit in and out of the window as the seasons change, nor do you have the open-window security concerns of a moveable unit. Plus, all this is backed by overall protection with extended service agreements to give you our reliability and reassurance. The whole system can be set up within 1 to 2 days – no sweat.

Clean, safe, convenient and energy efficient. It’s time to go ductless.

Don’t sweat it this summer, call Ottawa Home Services, today, for an in-home consultation with one of our comfort consultants.

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